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Santa Lucia Will Cater To Your Special Event.... Big or Small!

We Cater to Office Parties, Socials, School Functions, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, and more!

Order for your next office meeting or large party from this menu.

Note: Certain items are not available at all locations. Please call for availability.


Regular Catering Menu

Baked Pastas

Type of Pastas Full Tray
(feeds 10-12 adults)
Half Tray
(feeds 4-6 adults)
santa lucia lasagna $105 $50
spaghetti $105 $50
manicotti $70

above pastas come smothered in mozzarella cheese, baked in meat sauce or marinara sauce.

fettuccini alfredo $105 $50
add seasoned chicken breast $40 $20
add meatballs $23 (10 pcs) $52 (26 pcs)


Type of PastasFull Tray
(feeds 10-12 adults)
Half Tray
(feeds 4-6 adults)
greek salad$90$43
ceasar salad$85$40
garden salad$85$40
add seasoned chicken breast
to any salad

Other Delicious Items

fried chicken
(36 pieces)
chicken strips (full tray – 7lbs) (half tray – 3lbs)$120/full | $55/half
chicken souvlaki skewers
(20 pieces)
garlic shrimp skewers
(20 pieces)

Side Dishes

Items Cost
lemon roasted potatoes

$60 (full tray)

$30 (half tray)

rice pilaf

$50 (full tray)

$25 (half tray)

grilled seasonal vegetables $40 (half tray)
garlic toast $12 (10 slices)

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